Welcome to the home of Paladin Squad, the Unconvential Warfare squad of the Vast Empire Army.

Once a squad that withheld the finest troopers around, Paladin has remained new to the Empire back when it was established to replace the veteran squad Nightstalkers. The hisotory goes way back to the early years of the Stormtrooper Corps, when the first detachment of squads were ensconced. During a new era, Paladin came to power by domolishing it's old name and totaly changing the way it operated. Today it is recogniced as the newest Imperial Squad, but in deep shades of meaning, Paladin has been around for long periods of time.


Our vision is to be the most prominant squad in Imperial Corps, and to demolish enemies that stand in our path, with our excellence and our lives.


Our mission is to provide high-level insertion missions and recoveries, criminal subjugation and political/military assasinations.

"Embrance the Darkness, is to Bring about the Light"